Cuba: Some of My Experiences with Cuban State TV

I’m addicted to TV series, I have seen two or three that had me completely hooked, including American Horror Story and Dexter.

You could even say that I enjoy the violence and gore; however, the thing that really grips me is the way stories are told. They are well-made with good performances.

Right now, I’m watching The Morning Show, a series about TV journalism with underlying intrigue and stories of sexual abuse, after the MeToo movement gave rise to a wave of rape and sexual harassment accusations against people working in TV and film.

I remember the years I worked as a Director’s Assistant for different TV channels. A world that didn’t escape similar problems. I personally had a firsthand experience of this.

While one show was being filmed, a producer took me to an office which he had the key to. He wanted to talk to me about something…


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