Belize: PM Barrow presents $1.3 billion budget

The House of Representatives met this morning in the National Assembly Chamber, and during the first hour of the meeting, when Prime Minister Barrow was about to deliver his budget speech, the Opposition People’s United Party walked out.

So, in essence, PM Barrow’s last swan song, “Make Every Dollar Count” — the budget that the PM prepared for this parliamentary session — was played to only his supporters.

Barrow devoted the first few minutes of his budget presentation to lamenting the ills of the then People’s United Party government that his United Democratic Party government replaced in 2008, in a massive landslide victory on the promise of transparency and zero tolerance for corruption.

Following his cataloguing of the sins of the administration his government replaced 12 years ago, PM Barrow declared: “I can proclaim with pride, the longest period of fiscal and macro-economic stability in post-Independence Belize.”

Barrow said that from 2008 up to the end of 2019, his government has increased economic output by 87 percent.

“In other words, we almost doubled the economy, adding a net annual economic production of over $2 billion,” Barrow said.

The Prime Minister later added, “In 2008, the budget’s recurrent revenues stood at $591 million. Today, this bedrock factor of public finances stands at $1.184 billion, double the level of 12 years ago.”


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