Dominican Republic: Young and reproductive age women: the most common target of feminicides

International Women’s Day is a commemoration that allows us to reflect on the advances and setbacks of the problems that affect the world’s female population. In that sense, feminicides and citizen security become several of the most observed elements in this regard, as they constitute an important socio-economic problem. Feminicides in the Dominican Republic is a series of reports prepared by the Dominican Political Observatory (OPD-Funglode) based on the collection and systematization of cases published in the print and digital media of the country.

From 2016 to June 2019, the phenomenon increased in the region, culminating in the violent death of 16,132 women and girls. In the Dominican Republic, the presence of these cases in the media and social networks has been constant, however, the figures, in the last two years, show a decrease: 111 femicides in 2016; 113 in 2017; 96 in 2018 and 93 cases are estimated in 2019.

During the first three years, 320 feminicides were registered, with the months with the highest number being June (43), July (33) and January, May and August with 30 each. Meanwhile, November (15), April (17) and February, March and September with 22, respectively, were the months with the least number of cases.

Red route of femicides: provinces with greater and lesser quantity. According to the theories raised around feminicide, the places where poor people live are the most recurrent in these types of crimes. In the Dominican Republic, the provinces where 57.5% of the cases occurred were Santo Domingo (61), Santiago (36), La Altagracia (21), National District (17), La Vega (17), Puerto Plata (16) and San Christopher (16). On the contrary, two of the poorest demarcations did not register cases for the period described: Elías Piña and Pedernales.


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