Bernie Backers Crave Warren’s Support, but Her Fans Might Vote Biden Anyway

Less than two months ago, Brent Welder was tweeting “#DropOutWarren” at the Massachusetts senator trying to overtake Bernie Sanders in the 2020 progressive lane.

Now the former Kansas congressional candidate is waiting to see if Elizabeth Warren, who officially ended her presidential run Thursday, sides with the Vermont Independent he strongly supports as the 78-year-old  tries to recapture a sense of frontrunner momentum.

“I don’t think there needs to be any rush,” Welder said. “And I do ultimately believe that she’ll do the right thing.”

Welder is among the Sanders supporters hoping Warren will join the progressive’s cause amid a tough calendar of primary contests that could further put the senator at a disadvantage against former Vice President Joe Biden.

Michigan, Missouri, Idaho, North Dakota, Washington, and Mississippi will all vote March 10, and special attention is already being paid to the Midwestern voters. Michigan’s status as a general election flashpoint makes it a crucial proving ground for the remaining 2020 contenders.

“He needs a big comeback next Tuesday,” said longtime Democratic strategist Mark Longabaugh, who previously worked for Sanders in 2016 but switched to businessman Andrew Yang this cycle.

“You’ve got to focus on Washington state and you’ve got to focus on Michigan, maybe a little bit less so on Missouri. But I think you’ve got to win those two states that you carried last time.”


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