Bahamas: Face Masks, Hand Sanitizers And Lysol Spray – Stores Selling Out As Bahamians Prepare

SOME stores and pharmacies in New Providence report being sold out of face masks, hand sanitizers, and Lysol spray as Bahamians prepare for a possible coronavirus outbreak here.

There are no reported or suspected cases of the new deadly coronavirus locally, however, fears of the virus spreading has prompted some residents to stockpile necessary items.

Super Value’s owner Rupert Roberts told The Tribune that customers have bought cases of pocket sized hand sanitizers. He is even shocked that the store is running out of 67 oz bottles of hand sanitizers.

“The public hit it (buying sanitizer) as soon as this virus became known,” he said. “The public bought us out of that as well. I was amazed that the public jumped on to them. I suppose more institutions, restaurants, and other businesses bought them.”

Mr Roberts said the foodstore chain has a low stock of disinfectant wipes. These items began selling out suddenly last week at Super Value and orders have been placed for more stock. However, the store owner is not certain when those shipments will come.

“We’ve bumped up our orders on all medical type of items like … hand sanitizers, disinfectant, soaps, liquids, and, of course, Kleenex and even toilet tissues,” the Super Value boss said.

“They’re expecting a shipment but they don’t know if they’ll be able (to send) any after that because they can’t supply the US and they cutting exports until they can catch up with supplies.”

Cashiers at the store are also being provided with a hand sanitizer. The front door handles, counters, and anything the public touches are being cleaned every hour to prevent the spread of germs.


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