Jamaica: Police call in Caricel bosses over alleged illegal activities

Head of Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations branch (C-TOC), Senior Superintendent Anthony McLaughin, confirmed yesterday evening that since the release of the list they have been in contact with the police.

The list includes Symbiote’s Chief Executive Officer Lowell Lawrence and Secretary Minette Lawrence, as well as three directors of linked company Xtrinet Limited – Livingstone Hinds, Eugenia Hines, Courtney Hurlock – and Natalie Neil, who is believed to be connected to a major shareholder in the operations.

McLaughlin said that a raid on the Eastwood Avenue office late February had revealed evidence of illegal activities taking place, and the six will be interviewed on their operations. They have been requested to report to C-TOC by 10:00 this morning, but he confirmed that they have already been making contact with the police.

He said that they are considered important to the investigations being carried out by C-TOC regarding allegations of illegal telecommunications activities, possibly linked to the spectrum licence granted to Symbiote in 2015. On February 21, C-TOC officers locked down the Eastwood Avenue base and spent hours in the building investigating the operations.


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