Jamaica: Kingston 62 to replace Appleton Special brand

In 2006 Lascelles de Mercado, known mainly for its J Wray and Nephew (JWN) and Appleton rums, launched a new brand of beer called Kingston 62, linking into Jamaica’s year of independence. But the new larger had a hard time competing against the established Red Stripe, and by 2010 the beer and its brand with its crocodile logo were no longer.

Fast forward 10 years and the brand is now being resurrected, making its presence known at the Jamaica Rum Festival that took place at Hope Gardens last weekend —although that was not the official launch.

This time, however, the brand had taken on a new spirit, and replaced the established Appleton Special brand to become Kingston 62 Jamaica Gold Rum.

“Kingston 62 is the new Appleton Special worldwide,” Alison Moss-Solomon J Wray and Nephew’s brand communications manger for Jamaica and the Caribbean confirmed with the Jamaica Observer yesterday.

The rationale behind the name change is to separate Appleton Special — sometimes described as Appleton’s ‘entry level rum’ — from the more prestigious Appleton Estate rum blends.


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