Guyana: Elections took place in deeply-polarised environment

…EU observers

MONDAY’S General and Regional Elections took place in a deeply-polarised environment, the European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM) Chief, Urmas Paet, said while noting that though the election was well managed by the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), there were some inconsistencies at the level of polling stations.

“[The] voting process was well managed and the electors were able to exercise their vote freely,” Paet told journalists during a press conference at the Guyana Marriott on Wednesday. In presenting the EU EOM preliminary report on the elections, he noted that while the process was well managed, there were some procedural safeguards that were not consistently applied.

In justifying the EU EOM’s position, Paet pointed out that safeguards put in place by the Elections Commission to prevent double voting by members of the Disciplinary Services, who had voted on February 21, were not consistently applied during the March 2 Elections. It was contended that the names of voters were not systematically checked to confirm if Joint Services ranks had already voted on February 21.


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