Dominican Republic: Election results will not be given immediately

The president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Julio César Castaños Guzmán, warned that the results of the extraordinary municipal elections of March 15 will not be announced as quickly as desired.

He said that more than quickly what is sought is a reliable and safe process with well-filled voting minutes.

“The results here are not going to be as fast as we would have liked. I prefer more work in the polling stations, filling out those minutes rather than hasty work, pressured by a supposed speed. And particularly what has to do with this process, I want a safe and reliable process rather than fast, ”said Castaños Guzmán.

For the suspended municipal elections of February 16, the JCE would apply the automated vote in 18 large demarcations with 62% of the voters and in the rest of the territory there would be manual voting with a mobile application for the square of minutes.

With this hybrid voting model, the JCE guaranteed results more quickly although there would be manual counting as well.

However, following the ruling on the automated vote, which led to the suspension of the elections, the JCE will use the 2016 scanners to transmit the voting records of the schools to the meetings and parties.

In this regard, Castaños Guzmán declared that they are preparing to use these equipment, but clarified that the nucleus of an election is the physical act itself, so those results scanned and sent from the enclosures do not replace the final calculation made With the physical records.


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