Spike Lee Addresses Knicks, Calls Them the ‘F***ing Laughing Stock’ of NBA

After the viral video showing Spike Lee’s confrontation with Madison Square Garden security, and his subsequent appearance on ESPN giving his side of the issue, the New York Knicks released a statement repudiating Spike’s claim of being harassed. Now Spike is responding to the Knicks and claims the photo of him shaking hands with Knicks and MSG owner James Dolan was a setup. “Notice the angle,” Lee told the New York Times. “You can see the 30 second clock which [is] atop the backboard. It was taken from the roof of the Garden, by a Garden photographer. This picture was planned. It was put in motion that Dolan [came] to [my] seat [to] speak with me at the half.”

He also noted earlier in his interview with the Times regarding the Knicks’ characterization of his account as “laughable” Spike said, “Whats laughable is how the Knicks are the laughingstock of the league in sports. That’s what’s f–king laughable.” And this is backed up by the fact that the New York Knicks have the worst winning percentage (.400) league-wide over the last 20 seasons.

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