Dominican Republic: Monsignor Faustino Burgos asks to clarify the sabotage of the vote

The auxiliary bishop of Santo Domingo, Monsignor Faustino Burgos Brisman, considered yesterday that it is necessary to clarify who conspired against the automated vote on February 16 and that the presence of the Organization of American States (OAS) will prevent catching a hare in The electoral process.

“This causes a stupor in all of us. How can it be that it was sold that it was going to be safe, so safe so sure that there was no plan B?” Said Burgos Brisman.
The Catholic prelate understands that given the magnitude of such an electoral event, the protests that young people have in Plaza de la Bandera and other parts of the country “are valid and something necessary.”

“It is being claimed that what happened happened, that those who did this were found,” warned the priest, who had words of admiration for the awakening of the youth mass protesting peacefully and neatly.

About the presence of the OAS. The Catholic bishop supported the audit that will be done by the OAS to the teams used by the JCE, as long as the parties and the political leadership agree.

“The most important thing is that we are there as observers, observers as they say today, so that they do not put us cat for a hare.”
He called on the population to come to vote massively with the conscience and for whom they believe is necessary for the country.

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