Bahamas: Ragged Islanders Feel Neglected Three Years On

NEARLY three years after Hurricane Irma ravaged Ragged Island, many longtime residents there still feel “neglected” and “disappointed” with the lack of progress made to fully restore the island to normalcy.

This “blatant” disregard for the island and its residents, according to some locals, is not a new issue, but is a something that has been felt by islanders for several years now.

“You know how long Irma hit?” said Rochelle Maycock, a Ragged Island resident. “From that storm, the (prime minister) been over here once and that was it. He wouldn’t even come to see the people of Ragged Island and try say ‘well. let me see what the people of Ragged Island have to say’ because we are a part of The Bahamas.

“They can’t even tell you what’s going on in Ragged Island.The government should’ve started something on Ragged Island long time…they neglected us for too long now.”

Having lived on the tiny island for some 15 years, Mrs Maycock, said daily living for many is still a struggle.

Her husband, Craig Maycock said: “Plenty people over ain’t have nothing to do. Plenty people ain’t even coming back because they ain’t got no house and they ain’t got this or that.

“I better off than plenty people because I already get my house together and everything but some people ain’t even get no house.”


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