Youth Film Exhibition in Cuba Once Again Clouded in Controversy

Controversies, tensions and acts of censorship gravitate again on the Youth Filmmakers Exhibition that was postponed due to disagreements between the authorities of the state-run Cuban Institute of Art of Cinematographic Industry (Icaic) and the Board of organizers of the event.

The last statement from the organizing committee made the last week, invites “to the realization of a broad Assembly with the participation of the guild and cultural institutions that feel responsible for the future of Cuban cinema, (…) in a respectful climate that allows freedom of criteria, and from which a truly viable project can emerge ”.

The Icaic Youth Film Exhibition is going through a crisis in its complicated relationship with the Film Institute, after numerous directors withdrew their works from the official selection of the 19th edition, initially scheduled from April 7 to 12 in Havana, in solidarity for the exclusion of the documentary “Sueños al pairo.”

Co-directed by filmmakers José Luis Aparicio Ferrera and Fernando Fraguela Fosado, the audiovisual focuses on the life and work of the outstanding Cuban composer and guitarist Mike Porcel (Havana, 1950), co-founder and musical director of the Síntesis group and member of the Nueva Trova movement.


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