How to Save Yourself from the Tentacles of Cuban State Security

The following account by Cuban journalist Luz Escobar (14ymedio) demonstrates, once again, the way in which the Cuban State Security works to threaten, torment and annul the independent press and its reporters.

It is chilling; and similar methods are being used in several countries of the continent, if not the world. Attacks on the press and journalists in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil and Mexico are some of the ones we cover frequently in Havana Times.

We recently published some testimonies of Central American migrants and, interestingly, they tell similar stories: “If you do what we say, we will leave your family alone, and if not…” Give your daughter to a gang leader who wants her, or a son to integrate the gang, otherwise “we’ll kill you and the whole family.”

In North Korea, when the government considers someone a dissident or critic of power, they usually pick them up and the whole extended family to intern and reeducate them, if they survive.


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