Digital Classroom Initiative Launched For Bahamas’ Schools

THE Ministry of Education has officially launched a digital mobile classroom initiative for public primary schools supported by the Organization of American States.

The ProFuturo educational programme was made possible by the OAS, which paid nearly $120,000 for the kits. The initiative will start in 24 schools in Nassau and will then move to the Family Islands. Equipment for digital classrooms such as tablets, laptops, projectors will be supplied as well as training for educational professionals to use the digital mobile classroom.

Education Minister Jeffrey Lloyd said at the launch on Friday that it was with great pride that his ministry will continue to advance the digitisation of Bahamian schools. He said the ministry aimed to have a fully digitised 100 percent internet connected smart school system in the Bahamas by the beginning of the 2021 school year. In September 2018, the Ministry started to put in place the foundation for their Virtual Classroom and had embarked on a $17 million ‘One Network’ project to upgrade schools and satellite offices to accommodate the fiber optic system.

Mr. Lloyd explained: “We now decided that we wanted our education system to be 100 percent digitised within a year today. I can say that we are well on our way even though we did not meet that target, we are well on our way to ensuring that 172 schools in our Commonwealth be smart schools and that the remaining 50 or so buildings will be all a part of One Network project.

“It’s what the student wishes, student desires, student wants. This is why technology is so important and this is why the commonwealth of the Bahamas is a signatory to the SPGs Sustainable Development Goal number 4 which speaks about personalized and individualised learning and an equitable and an inclusive access for all students wherever they happen to be in the world, in particular in the Commonwealth of The Bahamas to have this same quality of education that any other student has.”


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