Haiti – News

The PNH open to internal dialogue
This Thursday, February 27, the Facilitation Commission created by the PNH High Command, should meet with the representatives of the police who claim to be members of the SPNH union (unrecognized) around their claims in order to find a solution to the crisis confronting the police institution

Warning from Moïse J-C
“Mobilization will resume across the country. If the people do not rise up to defend their rights, the situation will be worse. We must rise up to show the world that we do not agree with the interference of certain countries,” said Moïse Jean Charles, leader of the radical opposition of the “Pitit Desalin” platform.

USA condemns violence in Haiti
“The United States condemns the recent violence in Haiti and call on Haitians to reject violence and respect the rule of law. We encourage all Haitians to enter into a constructive dialogue with a view to resolving their differences.”

Protection of foreign investments
The Ambassador of Haiti to the Kingdom of Spain, Claude Joseph met José Sánchez Tinico, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Gran Canaria, to discuss the efforts of President Jovenel Moise to guarantee foreign investment in Haiti.

Review of the 3rd fat day of the carnival in Saint-Marc
At the end of the 3rd fat day of the carnival in Saint-Marc, the Saint-Nicolas hospital reported 8 wounded, one of whom was shot.


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