Dominican Republic: PRM asks to stop contest of prosecutors after complaints

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) yesterday asked the Public Ministry to stop the contest where 17 incumbent prosecutors would be chosen after the complaint published in the digital newspaper Accent and echoed by the civic movement Participación Ciudadana (PC) that 14 of the previous incumbents of these positions were forced to resign to ensure impunity during the next government period.

“This maneuver shows that the Government intends that by August 16, 2020, most of the prosecutors, especially the holders and specialized prosecutors such as Anticorruption and Electoral, will be immovable for four years using as mechanisms the irregular contests sponsored by the current attorney general of the Republic, ”said Sigmund Freud, legal director of the PRM, a political organization advocating an independent Public Ministry.

Freud warned that the opposition party will monitor that these actions do not contravene the law and future governance and made a call to public opinion and civil society organizations that are pending these maneuvers and support actions to repudiate them.

Dialogue before crisis. The president of the PRM, José Ignacio Paliza, indicated that the position of the party before the call to social and political pact that different sectors have made after the crisis due to the suspension of the municipal elections, is that they are willing to dialogue so that the elections of the March 15 are given with all the transparency that the population demands.


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