Jamaica: Growth & Jobs | Better Knowledge Of Business Analysis Needed

With the improvements Jamaica has been experiencing in its economy, resulting from its debt reduction, low interest rates, various ongoing infrastructural projects, stock market performance and other macro and micro indices, local business analysts believe companies need to carefully invest in the knowledge and application of business analysis to achieve their objectives.

The call came from Annissa Thompson, president of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Kingston, Jamaica Chapter, ahead of the chapter’s official launch at the JN Financial Centre, New Kingston, on Thursday. The IIBA is an independent non-profit professional association based in Canada to serve the needs of business analysis globally and advance the profession. It certifies analysts and provides other forms of professional development.

“Given the dynamic changes to the macro and micro environments, as well as evolving changes in customer behaviour, the need to better understand business analysis and customer needs are constantly growing,” Thompson maintained.

“As such, business analysts can assist organisations to understand the current environment; and help them to transition to this new era, or way of doing business, which is often described as the ‘ideal state’,” she explained.


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