#USElection2020: Here Are the Bloomberg Campaign’s Internal Talking Points on Bernie, Trans Issues, and More

While New York City residents are all too familiar with Mike Bloomberg and his various quirky eccentricities (multiple sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuitsracism, a tendency toward authoritarianism), the nation at large is still just getting to know the billionaire Democratic presidential candidate as anything more than the soda-ban mayor. And because Bloomberg only entered the race a few months ago, his public vetting has been on overdrive, leaving his campaign with a seemingly endless stream of controversial past comments to try to explain away.

Just in the past week or so, Bloomberg has been hit with multiple videos of him belittling trans issues, a reexamination of his history of sexism in the Washington Post, a clip of him saying that an “enormous cohort of black and Latino males” don’t know how to behave at work, and a semi-misleading edit of him appearing to insult farmers. It can be a lot for individual staffers to keep track of, but then, that’s where talking points come in.


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