Dominican Republic: Police accuse colonel and technician collaborate sabotage teams JCE

Colonel Ramón Antonio Guzmán Peralta and the telecommunications technician, Manuel Antonio Regalado, are arrested in the incidents that affected the voting equipment that forced the suspension of municipal elections last Sunday. The National Police affirmed that both supported and collaborated with the main perpetrators of the criminal plot.

Regalado was taken to the Palace of Justice in the early hours of the afternoon and Peralta Guzmán around 9:00 at night after the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) issued two arrest warrants accusing them of committing an electoral crime.

“A new arrest warrant issued by the Superior Electoral Court has been requested and obtained against Colonel Ramón A. Guzmán Peralta and Claro telephone company technician Manuel Antonio Reglado,” Colonel Frank Félix reported last night at a press conference Durán, police spokesman.

He said that both were initially arrested for interrogation for other crimes, throwing the investigation evidence that they were linked to the incidents last Sunday with the JCE voting teams.


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