Bahamas: Nygard-‘Dozens More Victims’ – Lawyers Reveal Over 100 Women Have Come Forward To Accuse Him

DOZENS of women have come forward to accuse Peter Nygard of sexual misconduct since lawyers in New York filed a class action lawsuit against the fashion mogul, according to a lawyer in the case.

In a statement to The Tribune yesterday in response to emailed questions, Greg Gutzler, co-counsel with Lisa Haba for the women, said: “Since filing a rape and sex trafficking class action lawsuit last week against Canadian fashion mogul, Peter Nygard, on behalf of ten women, we have received information from over 100 witnesses, including dozens of (alleged) victims, who have come forward with additional evidence relating to alleged rape and sexual abuse.

“In addition, the allegations in the complaint are accurate, verified and corroborated, following years of independent investigation. The brave women who have stepped forward thus far made the choice to hold Nygard responsible for his actions, regardless of his attempts to intimidate them into silence.”

He said many of the new alleged victims are from the United States and Canada.

“We knew that we were likely to hear very quickly from other victims, but the outpouring has been simply overwhelming,” he said. “Women are contacting Lisa and me by telephone, email and social media…”

A lawsuit filed in New York alleges Mr Nygard raped ten women, including nine Bahamians, and covered it up through payoffs and intimidation tactics. Mr Nygard’s lawyer, Jay Prober, has dismissed the claims as false, telling Global News, a Canadian news outlet, that the complaints have been paid for by people involved in a criminal conspiracy against his client.


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