Cuba: Cuba to Drop Astronomical Car Prices by 10%

Cuban government announced new prices for its’ monopoly sales of used cars, some of the most expensive on the planet and many in questionable condition.

Several government officials applauded the “good news” of a 10% discount on the car sales.

With public transportation in a serious crisis the desire to own a car remains a pipedream for over 99% of Cuban manual workers and professionals, despite the discount.

“In the absence of an updated product catalog, with the models and prices of the vehicles that the Cuban government will now sell, the Cuban Directory offers its readers (see below) the list of cars/prices published by the government six years ago”, and what the new prices would be with a 10% discount.

The government will sell the cars to its citizens in foreign currency only.

“According to the information offered by the ministers who appeared on the television program La Mesa Redonda, prices are similar as before, but with a 10% discount and will be sold only in foreign currencies,” noted Cuban Directory, which said it will update the list as soon as the details on this process are made public.


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