Pinkerton: ‘The New Class War’ Exposes the Oligarchs and Their Enablers

It’s fitting that a new book with a provocative title, The New Class War: Saving Democracy from the Managerial Elite, came out the same week that the global elite had convened at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland.

If by chance, dear reader, you didn’t make it to Davos, Michael Lind’s book will help explain the strategies and tactics of the globe-trotters and globalizers. And of course, every day since Davos, we can see for ourselves the actions of the Davos Men. 

For instance, there’s Michael Bloomberg, who is spending hundreds of millions—and who knows, maybe soon billions—of dollars in pursuit of the presidency. And there’s another billionaire, Tom Steyer, whose fortune, while immense, is still miniature next to that of Mayor Mike. (Sorry, Tom: You’ve been outbid.) 

And then there’s Mayor Pete—Pete Buttigieg, McKinsey & Co.’s man in the Midwest. Buttigieg is not rich himself, at least not yet, but he is the preferred candidate of many rich people. 

In the meantime, Lind’s book is not a play-by-play; instead, it’s a deep analysis of the powerful forces shaping and twisting our lives.  So if the news-consumer wishes to get a better understanding of how the plutocracy—including plutocratic minions such as Buttigieg—are operating, The New Class War makes for an excellent guidebook.

Lind, a professor at the University of Texas, argues that the theory and practice of plutocracy these days isn’t just about the rich guarding their money—although they certainly do a good job of that—but it’s also about the rich trumpeting their values, as well as trickling them down to the rest of us. The rich do a good job of that, too. 


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