NYC: ICE agents pick up MS-13 member suspected in new threat to shoot cops in the Bronx

Federal immigration officials arrested an MS-13 member they believe threatened officers in the same Bronx police precinct where two cops were wounded in back-to-back shootings last weekend, the Daily News has learned.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents on Thursday afternoon picked up Armando Clemente-Ramos, who is suspected of threatening officers in the 41st Precinct and elsewhere in the Bronx, a law enforcement source said.

“MS-13 wanted their hat in the ring,” the source said, alluding to the publicity surrounding the shootings.

ICE identified Clemente-Ramos through immigration-related leads, said the source, who declined to say how the threat was made except to note it didn’t come over social media.

Clemente-Ramos, who is undocumented, is being held for now on immigration-related charges, said the source.


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