Hubei Reports 116 New Coronavirus Deaths, 4,823 Cases As Sydney Quarantines Cruise Ship

  • Hubei province reports 116 new deaths and 4,823 new cases, bringing the total count to 1,486 deaths and 65,213 cases
  • Wuhan residents report hearing loud noises followed by helicopters
  • Japan reports first virus death
  • Australia quarantines cruise ship
  • President Xi says China will minimize impact from virus
  • Chinese leadership scapegoats local officials
  • EIA joins OPEC in warning about upcoming drop in oil use, the first in a decade.
  • HHS Secretary says CDC will announce another confirmed COVID-19 case in US on Thursday
  • 21 people in Spain released from quarantine
  • US admin reportedly questioning China’s reporting
  • White House reportedly “doubts” China’s coronavirus numbers
  • CDC warns more infections possible after first US case confirmed in Texas (15th overall)
  • 2 Russian women attempt escape from quarantine
  • EU could close border if outbreak worsens
  • Kudlow says US “disappointed” in China virus response
  • Shanghai reports 300+ more cases

* * *

Update (1850ET): Hubei province reports 116 new coronavirus deaths and 4,823 cases, bringing the overall official count to 1,486 deaths and 65,213 confirmed.

The new confirmed cases include 3,095 patients who were “clinically diagnosed” following the province’s new counting methodology was implemented Wednesday. Eight of the 116 deaths were clinically diagnosed.

690 patients were discharged over the last 24-hours, with 214 of those being clinically diagnosed cases. Of the 36,719 hospitalized patients, 7,953 are critically ill and under isolation treatment at designated medical institutions. There are currently 6,169 suspected cases, 3,689 cured, and 5,352 under isolation.

A total of 166,818 contacts are still being tracked, while 77,685 are under medical observation.

The below charts reflect the new figures. Keep in mind that yesterday’s record increase of 14,840 patients was likely due to a massive catch-up after clinically diagnosed cases were added to the definition.


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