Haiti: The OPC deeply concerned about the increased acts of kidnappings

The Office for the Protection of the Citizen (OPC), expresses its deepest concerns about the increase in criminal acts in the country, in particular cases of kidnappings of people against ransom. Stressing that “this climate of insecurity which is settling in the country, is the consequence of the proliferation of armed gangs which operate without fear in disadvantaged neighborhoods.”

According to information circulating in the press and on social networks, the kidnapping phenomenon is on the rise and is becoming more and more worrying and affects all categories of people . the OPC deplores that the police and judicial authorities “are not able to put forward figures, on the number of documented victims, nor to mention the number of investigations opened on the issue”, believing that such practices have disastrous consequences not only on the health of the victims and their loved ones but also that the economic situation of many families “this phenomenon has reached the threshold of unacceptable and requires urgent and effective measures,” insists the Office.

“The OPC hears the cry of distress of fellow citizens, young people, mostly professionals who are threatening to leave the country. If in the past, people fled the country
for economic and political reasons, currently the phenomenon of banditry coupled with acts of kidnapping have caused the displacement of many compatriots abroad.”


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