Cuba: New Proposals for Getting Cuba’s Economy Off the Ground

Months ago, I read an economist’s opinions on an independent media platform (the kind that the government accuses of being vile mercenaries on the Empire’s payroll because they show other aspects of Cuban society) about a growing phenomenon in our country: Cuban citizens purchasing a wide range of products abroad to then resell them in Cuba.

I can’t remember the name of the author of that article, but I do remember that it mentioned the large sum of money that hundreds of Cubans were leaving behind in Panama when they traveled there to buy air-conditioning units, motorcycles and other things that aren’t sold on the Cuban State’s retail network. These people resold these goods in Cuba and profits went towards financing new trips in a cycle that greatly benefits hotels, taxi drivers and different markets in Panama.

I don’t know whether one of our brilliant Cuban economists (who still haven’t managed to pick the national economy up off the ground in a country where the economy is growing slower than the rest of Latin America), had read the article about shortages. Or if they had just stepped foot outside of their ministry and took to the street to figure out how it is that Cubans managed to get a hold of these devices that they need. Then like being struck by a bolt of lightning suddenly figured out how they could stop this capital outflow of hard currency (not only to Panama and not only targeting the purchase of these products).


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