Belize: John Saldivar fired from PM Barrow cabinet-Saldivar took stacks of US$10,000: court testimony

A report out of the emergency cabinet meeting indicates that John Saldivar has been fired as Minister of National Security. This has not yet been confirmed. PM Barrow will issue a recorded statement, according to Attorney General Michael Peyerifitte, who came out of the cabinet meeting.

The emergency cabinet meeting has been expanded to include UDP standard bearers. The meeting got off to a late start. It was scheduled to start at 9:30, but got underway around 11:00 a.m. Presently there is a motion on the table to remove Hon. John Saldivar as party leader. We understand that he does not have the support that is required for him to stay on as leader. This is of course, unofficial. When we are able to confirm this information we will update, accordingly.

one of the most momentous days in the political career of Minister John Saldivar. That would have been hard to guess, however, from the way he sneaked into the Belize Civic Center from the rear entrance, and his continuing effort to avoid members of the media, who took up positions outside the Belize Civic Center at the front entrance, because the UDP, which was holding its national convention inside the facility, had banned the media from entering the grounds of the convention.

Although Saldivar emerged as the newly elected leader of the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP), he could not hide from the torrent of evidence coming out of the Washakie fraud trial in Salt Lake City, Utah, today.

Both national and international news outlets are reporting that Saldivar allegedly was paid tens of thousands of dollars by accused fraudster Lev Dermen.

The Salt Lake Tribune came out today with a screaming banner headline: “Washakie fraud defendant paid thousands of dollars to man next in line to lead Belize, Utah’s Jacob Kingston testifies.”


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