Trinidad: Drivers welcome demerit points system

Although drivers can be suspended for one to two years if they exceed the permitted number of demerit points on their permits, some have welcomed the new traffic enforcement system.

The system will go into effect from March 2 to deal with traffic offences and violations.

Every driver starts with zero demerit points.

In an interview with Newsday on Thursday, a taxi driver who gave his name only as Darryl said the new system would not only encourage drivers to do what is required by law but also change their errant driving habits.

“The risk of losing your licence, especially when my job entails driving as a taxi driver and a delivery driver, is not worth it.

“I think with the new system, drivers would be more vigilant, and it would also help with decreasing road carnage.

“Although I am glad the Ministry of Works has done this to deal with errant drivers, I think some people may fall victims to the rule of law by taking a chance by breaking the law.”


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