PIERS MORGAN: Meghan and Harry haven’t been criticized because of her color but because she’s a selfish social climber and he’s a weak whiner – and by playing this despicable race card they have grossly libeled all of Britain

It’s all down to racism.

And sexism.

And bullying.

And, of course, damaging to their mental health.

Yes, poor downtrodden vulnerable innocent Meghan and Harry have been suffering the full gamut of victimhood issues, as befits the most woke, over-sensitive, woe-is-me couple in the world.

That’s why they want to get off the royal train, we’re told.

Except they don’t want to get off it at all.

They just want to get off the boring bits.

They still want to be royal stars, they still want British taxpayers to fund a lot of their luxury lifestyles, and they still want to parade around the world as global celebrities trading off their royal titles.

But they don’t want to do any of the less glamorous hard yard stuff that goes with being a full-time working royal.

I’ve been watching this unedifying saga unfurl over the past few days with mounting fury.

Predominantly, at the disgracefully disrespectful way the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are treating Her Majesty the Queen.

How dare they try to lay down the law to our long-serving Monarch in this way?

How dare they not inform her about their demands before telling the world?

And how dare they so arrogantly announce they’re going to pursue a more ‘progressive’ agenda for the Royal Family without having the courtesy to run it past a woman who has presided on the throne for more than six decades – and done a magnificent job of it.


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