Bahamas: Sir Franklyn-Pm Has ‘No Difference-Making Ideas’

The prime minister has “no viable ideas” for improving the lives of ordinary Bahamians, a prominent businessman has blasted, arguing that the Over-the-Hill revival has made little impact to-date.

Sir Franklyn Wilson, the Arawak Homes and Sunshine Holdings chairman, told Tribune Business that while Dr Hubert Minnis “means well” he lacks “well thought-out” policies that “can make a difference” to the Bahamian people’s well-being.

He cited the prime minister’s signature Over-the-Hill revitalisation project as a prime example, arguing that there were no visible signs of “execution” or that it was having the effects much-touted by the prime minister while in opposition.

“I don’t question the prime minister’s heart; I think he wants to help,” Sir Franklyn told this newspaper. “But the truth of the matter is that he has no ideas that are viable. Look at the Over-the-Hill initiative. So what happened?

“There was a lot of noise. Drive through Over-the-Hill and show any evidence that the commitment to change Over-the-Hill exists. Where? What do you see? What’s changed? He meant well, he means well, but he’s got no ideas that have been thought through that are pivotal and can make a difference.


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