Dominican Republic: Alhambra Systems Company will perform the forensic audit of automated voting

The survey will take a maximum of five weeks from Friday, January 3, 2020 and the analysis to the source code will take two weeks. 50% of the audit payment will be made at the beginning and the remaining 50% at the end.

Details Regarding the secrecy of the vote, it should be verified that there is no correlation between the vote and the identity of the voter by checking the information recorded in the databases, QR and physical vouchers and objects of the database.

With regard to the integrity of the data and objects of the database, you must confirm that it is auditable: certify that what is chosen by the voter is exactly what is printed on the voucher; and it is likewise what is registered.

You must also certify that the voting ratio of each table is exactly the sum of the printed votes; that the voting ratio transmitted is exactly that received; that the consolidation of the votes transmitted is exactly the consolidation of those received.

Other elements to analyze are the databases of the voting unit and central servers; the QR code; as well as the data transmission via 3G and QR modem and the results consolidation system of Microsoft Azure.

As for offline work, it must be certified that during the voting process the system operates operatively without network connection.
While with respect to the analysis of the source program versus the automated voting unit, it will be certified that the executable installed is the same at all the voting polls used.


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