Haitians arrested represent more than 50% of all illegal migrants in Texas

The US customs and border patrol (CBP) agency said that officers assigned to the Del Rio border sector in Texas, have arrested since October 1 and for the first time, more Haitian nationals than migrants from Guatemala or El Salvador.

“This is of concern to me. Del Rio continues to be a desired location for migrants from Haiti and the continent of Africa,” said Raul L. Ortiz, Chief Patrol Officer for Del Rio’s sector, in a statement. “We continue to work with DHS (US Department of Homeland Security) and our law enforcement partners to address this issue”

Since October 1 (start of fiscal year 2020), border patrol officers from the Del Rio sector have arrested nearly 500 Haitian nationals, or more than 50% of the total of all arrests by the US border patrol, said the CBP.

Note that more than 7,000 arrests of illegal migrants (from 38 countries) have been made in the Del Rio sector since the start of the year, double the amount compared to the same period of the previous year.

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