Queen & Slim Is Bonnie and Clyde for the Black Lives Matter Generation…VIEW TRAILER

“Why do black people always feel the need to be excellent?” sighs the male half of the “black Bonnie and Clyde” of Queen & Slim. “Why can’t we just be ourselves?” A century and a half ago, black Americans were finally guaranteed the right, at least on paper, to consider their bodies their own, but many today would be justified in feeling only a tenuous control over their lives, especially when a police officer can end them with impunity. After a traffic stop leads to the killing of a white cop in self-defense, the central couple in Queen & Slim are forced to abruptly surrender the lives that they’d carefully built for themselves: he (Daniel Kaluuya) as a dutiful son who’s square and self-assured enough to pray before his meal on a first date and she (Jodie Turner-Smith) as a criminal defense lawyer prone to building walls around herself but desperate to let someone in. As soon as they’re pulled over by a racist cop who should’ve been taken off the streets years ago, their fates are sealed. Within hours, their tragedy becomes everyone else’s story.


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