Cuba: Wake Up Cuba, Internet Access Isn’t a Luxury

With technological advances and the progress of society, Internet access, with all its pros and cons, has become a very useful tool nowadays. It keeps us in touch with each other and informed. It is also an irreplaceable means of work because of the thousands of features this great network gives us. As a result, Internet access and use is a lot more than just something to do in your free time or a form of entertainment, it’s a basic need.

In Cuba, Internet access came decades late. It was late 2015 when Cuba’s only telecommunications company, ETECSA, offered Cubans the chance to connect via WIFI in public areas, for an exorbitant price.

What the government and party-line media called Internet access for the people, which essentially boiled down to access to Facebook and Instagram, because at 3 CUC (=USD) per hour of Internet access, very few people had time to explore all of the features this platform offers us, using it pretty much only to communicate with relatives and friends living abroad. Not to mention the fact that even if you do have money, access to many websites is restricted in Cuba.


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