Barbados: Minister praises staff of Barbados Trust Fund Limited

As many as 2700 businesses have benefited between the beginning of last November and the end of October this year, through the assistance of the Barbados Trust Fund Limited.

That’s according to Minister of Small Business, Entrepreneurship and Commerce, Dwight Sutherland, who said the staff of only nine persons should be commended for being able to disburse that quantity of loans within a period of just one year.

He was speaking yesterday during a service at the St. Luke’s Anglican Church, where staff and members of the board of the Barbados Trust Fund Limited joined the congregation to mark that entity’s first anniversary.

His comments came as he spoke of the rationale behind the creation of the Trust Fund Limited. Sutherland told the congregation that the entity was created because Government was cognisant of the need for novel approaches to economic growth and development. Adding that the Fund was born out a need to invest in the average man, he indicated that Government has invested some $50 million in the Fund, to be disbursed in $10 million tranches annually for five years.


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