Bahamas: Rights Bahamas Commends Plp On Pride Support

RIGHTS Bahamas has commended the Progressive Liberal Party and its leader Phillip Davis for “their maturity, open-mindedness and inclusiveness” after the opposition party threw support behind next year’s gay pride event.

In a statement, RB said the stance “is a surprising breath of fresh air in what is usually a stagnant and backward political conversation, mired for decades in ignorance and intolerance.”

The advocacy group also said: “The government must also be congratulated for giving official permission to the event’s organisers. Nevertheless, politicians from the FNM and the DNA would do well to follow Mr Davis’ example and declare their support for freedom of expression clearly and explicitly in connection with Pride 2020.

“The LGBTI community has been with us for as long as there has been a Bahamas, yet its members have been required to live in secrecy and silence. Pride 2020 symbolises the beginning of the end of this code of silence, forced upon a vulnerable minority by the rest; as such, it should be celebrated by all Bahamians who love freedom, fairness and justice.


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