Dominican Republic: Head of the US Southern Command worries DR relations with China

The head of the Southern Command of the United States, Craig Faller, expressed concern about the relations between the Dominican Republic and the People’s Republic of China and warned about the risks of computer and cyber technology associated with the Asian nation.

The United States Navy admiral visited the country last Friday and met with President Danilo Medina and visited the facilities of the Emergency Operations Center, donated by his country in 2001.

“A particular concern is China and its presence growing in countries like Jamaica and the Dominican Republic, which a few months ago announced that it was eliminating its relations with Taiwan in favor of Beijing, ”says information published yesterday by El Nuevo Herald, of Miami, Florida.

“They are committed to maintaining their relationship with the United States as a priority. They assured me that they understand the risks of computer and cyber technology associated with China and that they are not willing to sacrifice the trust and professionalism of the alliance they have created with us for those risks, ”Faller explained about his talks with Dominican leaders about China, According to the publication.

In the Dominican Republic, where he met with military officers and President Danilo Medina, Faller concluded the visit with a tour of the Emergency Operations Center of that country ”donated by the South Command installation in 2001, says the New Herald.

On his visit to the Fuller National Palace he was accompanied by the ambassador, Robin Bernstein. Among the topics discussed are those related to the fight against drug trafficking, illicit business, threats from harmful external states and security.


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