What Will I Buy Myself at Cuba’s New Dollar Stores?

The Cuban government’s new economic measure of introducing foreign currency bank accounts suits me just great. I’ve been saving a whole booty of Danish krones for years and had no idea what to do with them. Now, I can take them, along with my trunk of euros and jar of Mexican pesos, and head to the nearest bank to open up a bank account and get a card, which will be like a magic wand that will allow me to buy domestic appliances, motorcycle engines, car parts, electric mopeds and then a lot more, a whole lot more.

Plus, I’ll be able to check import contracts with Cuban companies so I can order them to bring large fridge/freezers and anything else my buried money can afford.

The Cuban people are very happy, as thousands and thousands of people hoped to buy things cheaper with their foreign currency than their official prices in CUC and not have to bring excessive baggage from remote places, flat-screen Tvs and air-conditioning units, so they can sell them for three times the price on Cuba’s black market.


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