Staffers blast Facebook’s ‘black people problem’ in open letter

Facebook is still inhospitable to its minority employees — despite its efforts to confront racism within its ranks, several of the company’s staffers say.

Conditions at the social media giant have grown more hostile since a former employee exposed the company’s “black people problem,” a dozen past and present staffers wrote in a Medium post last week.

“There may be a few more posters on the wall. There may be an effort to recruit diverse talent. But not much has changed to ensure that people are recognized, empowered, and overall treated equitably by their managers and peers,” according to the anonymous staffers.

The note was published the same week as Facebook’s annual “Black@” conference, where top executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg addressed hundreds of their African American employees.

The memo includes a dozen anonymous anecdotes of black employees being belittled, dismissed and denied opportunities for advancement. The staffers say they did not use their names because Facebook’s culture makes employees of color afraid to report bad behavior.


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