Haiti – News :

Shooting at Martissant, victims in a school ?
Sunday armed clashes took place between the rival gangs of “Grande Ravine” and “Ti Bwa” (Martissant) not far from the Lycée Jacques Roumain. During the shooting there were several dead and wounded in the ranks of the two gangs but also collateral victims in the high school Jacques Roumain, where witnesses report several dead and wounded. However, for the moment the National Police of Haiti does not confirm or deny these facts…

Assassination of agronomist Frantz Nelson
Agronomist Frantz Nelson, former executive of the Ministry of Agriculture, was murdered Saturday, November 9 by unidentified armed individuals while he was about to get supplies of drugs. His family discovered his body at the Peace Hospital in Delmas 33, where he had been transported.

Big panic in Liancourt
Monday, big panic in the town of Liancourt (municipality of Saint-Marc, Artibonite) where schools have released very early students. According to the information gathered, armed individuals allegedly attacked certain schools …

Words of Rudy Hériveaux
“The continued errors of some, in total disorientation with reality, far from disgusting us with politics should stimulate us to remind them how to access power. Haiti is definitely turning its back on the deleterious practices of coups… At every break in the democratic order, Haiti is cut off from its dreams of progress, its hopes for renewal. It is a vertiginous fall in the unfathomable abyss of violence and corruption… We must make every effort to stop this disaster definitively,” said Rudy Hériveaux, spokesperson for PHTK.


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