Trinidad: PM HITS ELITES Rowley wants end to ‘failed state’ insults

Prime Minister and PNM political leader Dr Rowley yesterday slammed the elites in society who have repeatedly described this country as a “failed state” yet who suck the most from what little the nation has. He was delivering the feature address at the party’s 49th General Convention at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah.

He said there were a “selfish few” in society who benefit the most by fracturing citizens along fault lines of race and politics for their own narrow interests. “They will not offer you a scintilla of hope. All they are good for is to spread hate, racism, slander, fake news and perpetual obstruction. They are the people that want to convince you our country is a failed state, that Trinidad is not a real place.”

Dr Rowley said he wanted to deal with this “pernicious issue” on two levels. “The first is to tell you unequivocally, that notwithstanding our many very serious challenges, which demand care and attention, we are anything but a failed state. The facts and figures depicting the reality of the collective experience that surrounds us, will tell us and others who we are. We are a proud little nation, striving manfully to make our way in a very hostile world.” He continued: “Incidentally, the grating irony of this unkind label is coming from those elites who suck the most from what little we have whilst underperforming in their social contributions.”


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