Haiti – News :

Agreement of the plural opposition in case of transition
On Saturday, the main opposition political groups including “Mache Kontre”, Democratic Bloc, the Alternative Consensual to Rebuild Haiti, Papaye Patriotic Forum and the Passerelle, agreed on the replacement of President Moïse after his departure, by a judge of the Court of Cassation during the transition period. The Fanmi Lavalas Political Party has expressed reservations and refused to sign the agreement.

A RNH employee murdered
“All our respectful sympathies to the family Bernard Bellefleur, employee of the National Radio of Haiti (RNH), murdered in the night of November 9, 2019 while trying to return home. This sudden and sudden disappearance leaves a big void in the RNH team,” said the National Radio of Haiti.

“The minimum wage is a slave wage” dixit Labossière
Reacting to the publication of the decree fixing the minimum wage in the country, 500 Gourdes instead of 420 Gourdes (+ 19%) announced for a day of 8 hours of work in the assembly industry h the economist Eddy Labossière reacted strongly “It is clear that the minimum wage proposed by the Government is a slave wage and is perceived as another gift made by the Government to the oligarchy.”


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