Dominican Republic: JCE informs Uniore technicians will participate in audit

The president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), Julio César Castaños Guzmán, informed yesterday that in the forensic audit to the automated vote will participate representatives of the Inter-American Union of Electoral Organisms (Uniore), assuring that the firm Deloitte of Costa Rica does not have nothing to do with that of the Dominican Republic and it has not had questions either.

He also announced that the first audit report to the software will be ready in two weeks and the final one in six weeks.

Castaños explained that, at the request of one of the proponents of the audit, 5% of the 7,372 polling stations that were used in the simultaneous primaries will be selected completely randomly, equivalent to about 400 machines that would be audited. This selection starts today afternoon with the participation of party delegates.

Bolivia case. Regarding the fraud of Bolivia, Castaños explained that the situation generated happened with a process with physical ballots and manual counting, insisting that “Bolivia has no automated vote or electronic vote”.

Regarding the use of automated voting in the municipal elections of February 2020, he said that “the institution has no problem in discussing this publicly and that the true arguments are heard and not prosecutions of oppositions of affirmation of matters that are not yet proven ”

He recalled that this Thursday is scheduled public hearing with party delegates to address that issue.


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