Cuba: Diaz-Canel Drives Feudal Socialism Home in 21st Century Cuba

Decisions being made by Cuban president Diaz-Canel, when it comes to selling domestic and/or personal items, are proof of the continuity he defends and which he promised to the man who appointed him, Raul Castro. Reminiscent of the Ancient Regime in France, wiped away by the French Revolution and its bloodbath, the Cuban Bourbons are hellbent on holding onto things as they are, no matter what the price.

Nothing has changed in essence since the State’s monopoly control over domestic and foreign trade was established in Cuba during the 1960s, the peak being in 1968, when the so-called “revolutionary offensive” banned small, private businesses which had survived the great nationalization of the economy.

Similar to the “stores” of 18th century Royal Spain, this decision endured for four decades without too many problems, until a physically and mentally weak Fidel Castro gave up his seat of power in 2006 to his brother Raul, who took hold of the reigns of a typically feudal State, which they themselves had created.


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