Cuba Receives New Symbolic UN Support against the US Embargo

The US government of Donald Trump applies the embargo against Cuba with greater rigor than ever, regardless of the impact on the living conditions of the population, nor the world opinion expressed again this Thursday at the United Nations.

This year’s resolution presented by the Cuban government calling for an end to the commercial, economic and financial embargo of almost six decades was approved today by the UN General Assembly by 187 votes in favor, three against (United States, Israel and Brazil) and two abstentions (Colombia and Ukraine).

This is the twenty-eighth occasion that Cuba presents this motion against Washington’s embargo, repeatedly receiving widespread support from the international community.

However it is also the first time that a Latin American country, Brazil, has voted against it, the result of far-right Jair Bolsonaro in the presidency.  A second country, Colombia, also ruled by a rightist, Ivan Duque, refrained from voting, breaking thus the traditional regional unanimity against the embargo within the UN.


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