Rap in Cuba: Ten Steps Towards Progress

What was once a united movement with a large following has now become a small, almost non-existent group. What happened to the golden age of rap that so many people talk about and hold dear in their hearts?

It’s also true that the Ministry of Culture and the country’s domestic policies have played their part in bringing Cuban Rap to the state of crisis it currently finds itself in. Nevertheless, I ask that we detach ourselves from outside factors and take a look on the inside first. The following are a series of points that might be great steps forward if they are resolved:

First step

The first thing that a person needs to have the gift to be able to communicate, to invite reflection and be a voice for the struggle, is an intellectual base and training. Taking a global view, there is a great lack of general culture among MCs and this can be seen in their songs, which digress a lot of the time and don’t communicate anything concrete.


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