Haiti – News :

Partial resumption of activities
On Tuesday a certain resumption of activities was noted, a clear increase in private and public circulation was visible and the population went about almost normally to its occupations. In Pétion-ville and Delmas the activities and the public transport functioned normally. Schools are still closed…

Kidnapping of a NATCOM employee
Saturday at Carrefour Boyer (Cayes) a vehicle that delivered fuel to a NATCOM antenna was intercepted by unidentified gunmen who sequestrated thge driver Yves Bertrand Louis, demanding 250,000 Gourde as ransom to release him. After several hours of negotiation, the kidnappers accepted a ransom of 150,000 gourdes and released their hostage somewhat brutalized …

A taxi-motorcycle passenger fires at UDMO agents
On Tuesday, a taxi-motorcycle passenger identified as Wendy Blaise (19) shot at a Departmental Maintenance Unit patrol to escape a check. The UDMO agents immediately responded, fatally reaching the shooter,

The name of the “replacement” of President Moïse will soon be known
André Michel, spokesman of the radical opposition movement called “Democratic and Popular” says that before 18 November the name of the Judge of the Court of Cassation chosen from 3 candidates to replace the Head of State will be made public.


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