Bahamas: Govt Considering Buying Gb International Airport

GOVERNMENT is mulling over purchasing the Grand Bahama International Airport from owners Hutchinson Port Holdings, Tourism Minister Dionisio D’Aguilar said yesterday.

According to Mr D’Aguilar, who has responsibility for airports in the country, Hutchinson seemed “reluctant” to rebuild the airport to its former glory.

As a result, he said buying GBIA would be the “easiest” thing for government to do. However, with 28 airports in the country already straining the public treasury, government may be hard pressed to acquire another facility.

Asked about this, he said a determination would have to be made on how the facility would fund itself.

“Certainly it’s under consideration and that is all I would be prepared to say right now,” Mr D’Aguilar said when asked if government planned to buy the Grand Bahama Airport.

“Hutchinson Ports are the operator of that airport. They have not demonstrated an effort to rebuild that airport to where it was before and they seem somewhat reluctant so the government is considering its options.


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