Haiti – News :

Moïse’ substitute : The opposition reveals the names of 3 judges
Me René Sylvestre, Me Mécène Jn-Louis and Me Ivickel Dabrésil are the 3 judges of the Court of Cassation proposed by the Commission of handover of power of the opposition known as “Alternative Consensual”. One of these 3 judges will be elected by the 9 members of the Commission by a simple majority (50% + 1 vote) as provisional President to replace Jovenel Moïse as part of a Transitional Government See also :

Foreign intervention in Haiti a real risk
The professor of international relations, Ricardo Seitenfus, former special envoy of Brazil in Haiti and former head of OAS office in Port-au-Prince, warns political actors, “[…] the possibility of an 11th United Nations mission in Haiti is very real, if the protagonists fail to find an endogenous solution to the crisis.”

Crisis : A hundred Haitians demonstrate in New York
On Sunday in New York, just over a hundred Haitians in the Diaspora marched through the streets of Brooklyn, waving placards, the Haitian flag, and hostile statements to the Government of Haiti to demand resignation of President Jovenel Moïse.

Attack and seizure of a goods truck
Sunday at the end of the day, unidentified individuals attacked and seized at Morne Tapion, a truck carrying goods to Petit-Goâve. A female passenger who managed to escape ran a call for help to police officers of Petit-Goâve.


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